Double/three-groove electrolyzed oxidizing water generator > CE7103-04


Main features of generator
1)Special design of the electrolytic cell, with a decreased volume of power consumption over 40% and a decreased volume of salt consumption over 80%, no need of phase changing and long-time continuous working;
2)Automatic control: monitoring the generated water level, automatically shutting off when the water is full while automatically starting up to generate water when the water is in shortage;
3)Large LCD screen display to adjust the working conditions.

Use occasion
1)Disinfection of human body as well as the environment and the object surface that the human body is exposed to (for instance: hand-washing, oral hygiene, skin care and beauty, air sterilization, toy cleaning, etc.);
2)Disinfection of fresh food and utensils for processing the fresh food;
3)Degradation fruit, pesticide residues of vegetables, and removal of the tableware¡¯s grease dirt, etc.

Main performance parameters of generator

    Model Item   Acidic water Rated power consumption
Salt consumption volume
  Overall Dimensions
Residual chlorine
CE7103-02 type 1 2.0~
¡İ1100 20~80 0.026 50~100 300*370*350
CE7103-04 type 2 0.05 400*370*450

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